A New Dawn, Running Order

Black Country Boxing Proudly Presents…………A New DawnNew Dawn ARTICLE

Saturday, 25th April 2015

Walsall Town Hall

Running Order

Josh McLaren v Liam Richards – 7:30pm

(4×3 minute rounds)

Sid Bowater v Dan Carr

(4×3 minute rounds)

Luke Paddock v Matt Seawright

(6×2 minute rounds)

Jason Welborn v Dan Blackwell

(6×3 minute rounds)

Waren Sinden v Kevin Mcauley

(4×3 minute rounds)

Ben Wilkes v TBA

(4×3 minute rounds)

Craig Morris v Robert Studzinski

(4×3 minute rounds)

Steven Pearce v Amir Unsworth

British Bronze Masters Title

(8×3 minute rounds)

Rob Hunt v Sullivan Mason

Vacant Midlands Area Welterweight title

(10×3 minute rounds)

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