Best Of Enemies Review And Results

GoodARTICLELondon boxer Michael Lomax won the British masters light middleweight title against Chas Symonds in a long awaited rematch and Ryan Taylor secured the vacant British light welterweight title in an action packed bill at the York Hall on Saturday (21st march).

Goodwin promotions labelled the night “best of enemies” based on their main event in front of a sell out crowd, an amazing atmosphere and some great young British prospects on show.

To start the night Reading boxer Luke Davey who signed with Goodwin promotions last year won his first professional contest again Lewis O’Mara on a points decision over 4 rounds.  Davey come forward early using a sharp southpaw jab to keep his opponent at length, he doubled the jab up at the end of the first round and looked in control. In the 2nd round O’Mara who was coming off the back of 4 losses started jabbing to the body well but Davey continued to hold the centre and his left was giving O’Mara trouble. In the 3rd O’Mara covered up well but the Reading man looked totally in control keeping him at length and punishing him on the ropes and working fast combinations to the head and body. O’Mara never troubled Davey who sailed his way to a 40-37 points win on his professional debut.

Unbeaten heavyweight Dominic Akinlade slugged it out in a close contest with Kamil Sokolowski over 6 rounds for a draw. Akinlade started well holding he centre, staying composed and used his jab well. Sokolowski started coming forward more in the 2nd landing heavy right hands. Into the 3rd round both boxers were landing accurate and heavy hooks with no head movement it turned into a toe to toe fight. Both boxers worked well over the next 3 rounds, both coming forward and having their own success in the later rounds. The last round was completely in the balance with both boxers looking tired and the referee rightly called the fight a drawer after there was nothing to split the 2 men over 6 rounds. The unbeaten heavyweight Akinlade from New cross is now unbeaten in 3.

20 year old heavyweight Jordan Joesph come into his 2nd professional fight still without a win with his first fight being scored a draw aginst against Scott Douglas in September last year. Joesph worked his way to a 40-36 points win against Tamas Kantor on the night. Straight away Joesph worked from body to head well, Kantor started swinging but the 20 year old stayed calm and composed picking his shots well. In the 2nd round Joesph showed some good head movement and used the right body shot to keep Kantor on the back foot. Kantor was throwing but not accurately landing that give Joesph time to continue working to the body and doubling up his jab. In the last round Joesph was on top and controlling the fight coming forward with good jabs to the head and body and working Kantor well on the ropes. He cruised his way to a 40-36 points victory with a bright career ahead of him.

 Mickey O’Rourke won all  4 rounds in a lightweight clash against James Quinn.  O’Rourke who came out to amazing support with Johnny Eames in his corner started fast jabbing and moving well from the first bell. O’Rourke was used his right hook well and didn’t waste any shots, he stayed composed and picked his shots well. Quinn made it hard for O’Rourke by using fast hands and smothering his work. Mickey was counter punching well, Quinn continued to stick out his jab but O’rourke’s head movement allowed him to work the body well near the end of the 3rd round.  Quinn wasn’t the easiest of opponents for Mickey, he held his own and at times stood and traded with the young undefeated O’Rourke.  In the last round mickey continued with great right body shots and by the end of the fight was clearly on top and controlling the pace. O’Rourke cruised to a 40-36 points win to the delight of his roaring support.

Unbeaten Hitchin fighter John Cash secured a 60-52 points win against Aaron Robinson to extend his unbeaten run to 4-0.  The 24 year old controlled the fight from beginning to end, holding the centre and picking his shots with accuracy and ease. Cash looked comfortable in the first staying behind his jab and keeping Robinson on the back foot. The first 3 rounds Cash was on top but in the 4th Robinson come into it a little more throwing counter left hooks but leaving  himself open on the way in. Cash put robinson on his knees with a great right hand, he beat the count but was met with a flurry of hooks on the ropes and finished the round unable to reply with anything.  In the 5th round cash continued to hunt Robinson down who was punished every time he was caught on the ropes with great body shots. In the last round was more of the same, A big left to the body put Robinson down for a second time proving that Cash was very much on top, looking comfortable and in control.  Cash probably could have got him out earlier but Robinson survived well, Cash is a great young prospect that Goodwin believes can go far.

Billy ‘The Bomb’ Long who sold a record amount of tickets for his fight got his first win on his professional debut. Long secured a 39-37 points victory against 36 year old journeyman Iain Jackson. Long came forward from the start swinging heavy shots, holding the centre and looking sharp. Iain used the right counter well but Long absorbed the shots and continued to come forward. Long stayed on the front foot throughout the fight with a high work rate but Jackson didn’t let him have it his own way, working on the inside and catching his with the jab in the later rounds.  In the last round Long went all out to impress his army of fans at the York hall hunting Jackson down and catching him with a great left hook right hand combo. Jackson survived the 4 rounds and made it awkward for the Essex fighter but the referee scored it 39-37 to the roar of Long’s army of support.

32-Year-old Duane ‘Mad dog’ Green secured a surprise win over Goodwin fighter Robert Lloyd Taylor in a 57-58 points win. Taylor won the first round using his left hook well but Duane continued to come forward and outworked him with flurries of shots and pressuring him. In the 2nd round Green outworked Taylor again smothering his work and throwing a variety of combos, giving Taylor no time to get his work away. In the third the Hayes fighter Taylor was working better with the counter right and started moving better but going into the fourth Norwich boxer Green was working hrder and started working well on the inside with the uppercuts. In the last round it was very even with both men landing great shots to the body. Green was working the left hook and Taylor landed the big right hands. Overall Green outworked Taylor and looked like he wanted it more. Green’s record is now 14 losses and 2 wins in his professional career.

Taylor, a former Prizefighter winner went off the radar and has only fought one 6 rounder since 2012, his ring rust was clear to see but an akward and hungry opponent in Duane Green made it hard for the Goodwin fighter.

24 year old London boxer Adam Salman overcome an awkward opponent to beat Bulgarian Teodor Stefanov with a 5th round stoppage. Salman stayed low and moved well in the opening rounds. Stefanov stayed on the back foot and in the third round had a point taken off for holding every time Salman attacked. In the fourth round looking frustrated Salman looked for the big shot but started working the body well nearer the end of the round. The 24 year old was getting more and more frustrated with the Bulgarian holding at any opportunity and taking a lot of punishment with Salman’s left hooks. Referee Bob Williams stopped the fight 1 minute 40 seconds into the 5th round after a third warning for holding by the Bulgarian and he was taking too many shots with no way back into the fight. Salman trained by Alec Wilkey had an amazing support at London’s York Hall and is another one of Goodwin’s talents.

Taylor Jordan took his professional record to 3-0 after a clear points win against journeyman Liam Griffiths. Jordan approached the fight composed and used his reach well with his long hooks highlighting the reach difference between the two, Griffiths was unable to land and looked clumsy. In the 2nd Jordan stayed calm and picked his shots well, Griffiths threw out his jab but nothing with any power to trouble the ‘Zoolander’ Jordan. In the later rounds Jordan used his right uppercut well as Griffiths rushed in on the inside. A reverse 1 -2 ended the round well with Griffifths on the ropes, Jordan won all 4 rounds in a 40-36 points win and keeps his unbeaten record in tact.

Ex Finchley ABC boxer Dave Abraham won all 4 rounds against well-known journeyman Moses Matovu in his professional debut at the York Hall.  The Watford heavyweight was hanging out his jab and following Matovu around the ring who was just there to survive. Abraham’s straight up style looked awkward but he held the centre and pushed Matovu around with his heavy, thundering shots. Matovu in the later rounds started to hold and smother Abraham’s work to avoid his power.  Not many shots were landed in this fight, Abraham continued to come forward and search for Matovu who moved well and covered up at all times. Abraham overcome an awkward opponent to kick-start his professional career at the age of 30 and a lengthy amateur career.

26 Year old former successful amateur Ryan “Crash Bang” Taylor secured a 4th round stoppage over unbeaten Norwich prospect Danny Gunn to win the vacant British masters light welterweight title.  After 2 unsuccessful challenges to win the southern area title and coming close to the Prizefighter trophy, Taylor took a break from boxing when his body was drained at the efforts of making the 9st 9 weight limit in those fights. He teamed up with trained Frank Greaves and signed with Promoter Steve Goodwin and has looked impressive since then (2013) going up to light welterweight. Gunn started the fight well using his jab, staying composed and moving well. Taylor was catching Gunn on the way in with a right hand with the fight well in the balance. In the fourth round Gunn used his sharp jab and Taylor stayed strong and used some impressive left hooks to stay on the front foot. Taylor caught Gunn with a massive right hand causing Gunn to fall on to the ropes dazed and the referee jumped straight in to call it off 2 minutes and 2 seconds into the 4th round.  Credit has to be given to Crash Bang Taylor who took a hard fight on only his second contest at his new weight. He looked impressed and had great support at the York Hall.

Michael Lomax and Chas Symonds went toe to toe in a long awaited rematch after their first fight in September 2014 where Lomax prevailed over 10 rounds on points. Lomax won the British Masters light middleweight title with a 7th round knockout over Chas Spartan Symonds. The fight started fast with both men having a point to prove, Lomax’s southpaw jab landed accurately but Symonds replied with a sharp left hook keeping the exciting fight in the balance. In the 2nd round Symonds was on top getting Lomax on the ropes and taking advantage of his low guard.  In the third round the fight looked scrappy with both fighters swinging and looking for the knockout, Lomax ended the round with a great left hook to stay on top. Symonds started drawing Lomax into a fight with a toe to toe brawl happening in the 4th, both men rushing in with big shots. Lomax’s left hand rocked Symonds who’s left eye started to bleed, turning into a real explosive fight with both men going for it. There was no movement by either boxer, they both planted their feet and was swinging the big shots. In the 7th round Symonds was working the body well before Lomax stepped off the ropes and landed a massive left hand to knock Symonds out cold on the canvas. The ambulance were straight in with the oxygen to protect the fighters health. It was one of those fights were everybody could tell that somebody was going to go it was just a matter of time, Symonds didn’t see the shot coming as he was caught in the middle of his own work. Michael Lomax is now retiring after this fight, he has had an up and down career with a record of 22 wins with 7 losses to his name he has decided to hang up the gloves once and for all.

In the last fight of the night Romford cruiserweight convincingly beat Russian fighter Tomislav Rudan with a 60-52 points victory. Conquest with trainer Jason Rowland in his corner come out sharp landing heavy shots and holding the centre well. Conquest’s strong jab kept Rudan at length giving nothing back to trouble the Essex boxer. In the third round Conquest landed a great left hook to the body to put Rudan down, he beat the count but Conquest looked in control and dictated the pace of the fight. In the 4th round Conquest worked the body more and again another body shot, this time a right put the Russian down. Rudan tried to return some shots when he beat the count but Conquest moved well and didn’t look in any trouble. In the last round Conquest was totally in control, the left body shot worked every time making the Russian run and wince in pain. He bossed the whole 6 rounds cruising to a 60-52 points victory and bringing his record to 13 wins from 15 contests.

The action packed bill at the York Hall was a great chance for the London crowd to see a budding team of young boxing talent with Goodwin playing a big part in giving them a chance to perform and a platform to showcase talents and in many years to come a few of these boxers will definitely be fighting for big titles.

Article By Brooke Streatfield 

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