Evans Digs Deep To Win Belfast Brawl

Evans Digs Deep To Win Belfast Brawl

A part of Blackwood’s Craig Evans must have been happy to fight anyone apart from his old rival Thomas Stalker after winning the 3rd of the trilogy between both men.

Team Evans certainly weren’t looking for easy fights as Craig put his WBO European title and lofty ranking with that organisation on the line against Tough hometown fighter
Stephen Ormond.

The Belfast man, despite not getting any younger had shared the ring with some top fighters including Evans’s potential Target world lightweight champion Terry Flanagan. Ormond has fought one way his career and that is to pressure his opponent whilst using his strength to boar inside and throws hooks to head and body.

This fight was clearly going to be a clash of styles with Evans certainly possessing the edge in technical ability. First two rounds Ormond predictably charged into range throwing big hooks and attempted to drag Evans, the superior technician into the trenches.

Evans is known as a very good long range boxer but often likes to prove his toughness and chin by standing and trading. He seemed to be playing the Irishman’s game by not using his footwork and skills.

Despite possibly landing the cleaner shots early on, Evans was firmly told by master trainer Tony Borg to use his range and distance.

Evans did exactly that at the start of round 3 but Ormond was landing hooks and his work rate could have impressed the judges. The Third round saw the first of many fouls committed by the Irishman, Referee Phil Edwards having a word with Ormond for a low blow.

The Belfast man was also falling in behind his punches making head clashes very likely. The next 3 rounds were very messy indeed.Mr Edwards seemed to be struggling to control the action as heads clashed on more then one occasion. Despite more pleas from Tony Borg, Evans still seemed to be playing Ormond’s game of trading up close even though he was landing much the cleaner worK.

Evans seemed to be winning but nothing is certain in an opponents backyard .Both fighters hit the deck as they became tangled together just before Evans landed the best punch of the fight, an eye catching left hook that clearly hurt Ormond.

Evans upped the work rate in the 8th round as his opponent clearly began to tire. You could have made a case for the earlier rounds being close but by now the fight was all Evans as flush hooks landed on the Exhausted Ormond’s head and body. The final round saw a spent Ormond charge in with his head down, amazingly no points deductions were made.

Matters seemed to have reached a conclusion as an accurate body punch from Evans sent his shattered opponent to his knees. There is no quit in the rugged pro from Ireland has he bravely got to his feet and recommenced the battle.A hurtful hook to the head to sent him back down almost immediately.

Ormond had to dig deep to hear the final bell and to send the fight to the scorecards. Thankfully there was no repeat of the shambolic judging of the Haskins v Burnett bout as the judges turned in spot on cards of 97-91, 99-89. 96-93 all in favour of Blackwood’s Craig Evans. So a frustrating at times contest for Craig Evans, but plenty of positives to take from the win. He proved there is more then one dimension to his game.

He can box, fight ,has great stamina and a solid chin. Would this be enough to take the WBO title from Terry Flanagan? Hopefully we will find out soon as Evans has cemented his place in the world rankings and is determined to bring the belt home to Wales.

Article by Michael Ward

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