Man vs Machine Review And Results. By Brooke Streatfield


Photo credit Sophie Merlo

Frank Buglioni’s hopes of becoming a world champion last night were torn up by Russian champion Fedor Chudinov who managed to defend his WBA title with a unanimous points decision at Wembley Arena on Saturday night.

Despite the Enfield boxer showing great heart and fighting his way until the end, The Russian was a clear winner on the scorecards with the judges scoring the contest 120-106, 118-108 and 117-109.

Chudinov retained his WBA world super middleweight belt in a constant pressured performance where he looked strong and Buglioni admitted after the fight that “he was the better man on the night” having no argument at the decision.

The Russian came out strong from the first bell, closing the gap and immediately put Buglioni on the back foot despite the Enfield man’s height and reach advantage. Frank managed to reply with a solid left hook but Chudinov gave him no room to move backing Buglioni up to the ropes and working him well when he got there. The army of Team Buglioni fans cheered a solid combination at the end of the round but he was outworked by his smaller opponent who looked punch perfect from the first bell.

Buglioni tried to keep his distance in the second round moving off the back foot and sticking out his jab but again Chudinov effortlessly closed the gap and applied constant pressure, making it hard for Buglioni to set his feet and get his work off. Frank was caught in a flurry of shots where his nose started heavily bleeding from a left hook on the ropes.

Frank came out in the third round trying to engage more with the Russian throwing some heavy hooks to the head and body but his opponent came out on top of the exchanges and with his face beginning to mark up, Chudinov showed no signs of slowing down continuously pushing him back and giving him no space to work.

Frank ruined any chance he had to win the fight on the scorecards as at the end of the 6th round, Chudinov was winning in the battle of the jabs but at the end of the round Frank let his hands go as both men exchanged heavy blows and Chudinov for the first time in the fight looked affected by what Buglioni had to offer.  Buglioni then dropped Chudinov after the bell with a heavy right hand claiming that he failed to hear the bell. Referee Terry O’Connor at the start of the 7th round made it known to judges and fans in the arena that he deducted 2 points from the Enfield man for his mistake.Bugl

With no other way but to knock Chudinov out, Buglioni took it to him in the 7th round throwing a flurry of hooks and landing some good right hands but the Russian didn’t seem to be at all fazed as he continued his own work and pressure throughout.

More of the same in the 8th and 9th rounds where Chudinov didn’t let Frank breathe with the pressure; Frank worked his jab on the counter but was caught on the way in with Chudinov’s heavy shots.

At the end of the 10th round Buglioni slumped onto his stall having given it his all in the 10th as the men engaged in some toe to toe action with Chudinov coming out on top every time working Buglioni back to the ropes and proving exactly why he is champion with his power and accuracy from start to finish.

Frank banged his gloves together and showboated by shaking his hips in the 11th round to get his crowd going but most knew that the Russian had shown the better boxing display and their man was way down on the scorecards with the points deduction in the 6th.

Frank showed tremendous pride and guts during the fight and went out on his shield in the last round throwing everything he had at the Russian who failed to take a backwards step throughout.  His army of fans saw him through the fight willing him on for the knockout in the 12th but their man looked tired and exhausted against a classy champion who stuck to his game plan and continued working until the final bell.

If the fight was scored on pride and determination Frank would be a world champion but Chudinov looked punch perfect with every shot he threw and got his game plan spot on on the night. Buglioni has nothing to be ashamed of as he left everything in the ring and went out fighting which is all you can ask of an underdog against a strong champion.

Buglioni told Box Nation at the end of the fight: “He was just better than me on the night. He throws very correct shots and has a nice tight defence. He is a very good fighter…..I’ll go back to the drawing board again, I showed good heart and courage….He’s a world champion at the end of the day.”

Ediz Hussein

Photo credit Sophie Merlo

On the huge undercard at Wembley Ediz Hussein overcome an accidental clash of heads in the 4th round to beat hard contender Alex Phillips in a close 57-56 points win.

Photo credit Sophie Merlo

Welsh Lightweight Romeo Romaeo beat Plymouth’s Chris Adaway after a close fight where both men were marked. The Welshman secured the decision with a tight 77-76 points decision to move his record to an unbeaten 9-0 with 4 knockouts to his name.

Jamie Kavanagh

Photo credit Sophie Merlo

Irish lightweight Jamie Kavanagh outworked Reynaldo Mora of Spain over 6 rounds to secure a 60 – 54 points decision managing to win every round. Jamie moved his head well throughout landing some solid hooks and working well defensively but was never troubled and came through the fight unmarked.


Photo credit Sophie Merlo

Ryan Walsh won the vacant British featherweight championship on a split decision over Hull’s Samir Mouneimne – the judges scorecards were split with 1 judge giving Mouneimne the decision (113-114) but the other 2 judges scoring the contest (116-112 + 117-111) to give the decision to Walsh who’s record now reads 19-1-1. Samir started the contest well in the opening rounds jabbing and moving with Walsh looking stiff and not landing much but Walsh came on strong in the later rounds to catch the judge’s eye and take the decision on the night.


Photo credit Sophie Merlo

Lincoln boxer Bobby Jenkinson caused an upset on the undercard by winning the Commonwealth super-bantamweight belt off Lewis Pettitt with an 11th round stoppage. Jenkinson worked hard from the opening round swinging big shots and walking Lewis down to the ropes, giving him no room to work. Lewis began to look frustrated and punched himself out allowing Jenkinson to capitalise and get the stoppage 2 minutes and 38 seconds into the 11th round. This is a huge win for the Lincoln boxer who’s record now reads 9-1-1 and worked very hard to take the title off Pettitt last night.


Photo credit Sophie Merlo

Dereck Chisora won a comfortable and very easy points decision over Brazilian Marcelo Nascimento over 10 rounds – 99-91.  Chisora spent the fight walking Nascimento down to the ropes looking for the big shot and Nascimento spent the fight running and moving off the ropes. It’s easy to say that Chisora probably had much harder sparring sessions but stays active in his bid to fight in bigger title fights in the near future.


Photo credit Sophie Merlo

Penge boxer Bradley Skeete retained his WBO European welterweight title against Mark Thompson after a 3rd round stoppage. Mark ran straight out in the 1st round trying to smother Skeete’s work and get up close but Skeete moved well and picked his shots showing his classy boxing. In the 3rd round Skeete after a flurry of shots put Thompson down to his knee complaining of a pain in his hip, he managed to make it to his feet and beat the referee’s count but the referee called it off with Thompson in no position to continue. There was a 25 minute delay after the fight as an army of ambulance crew tried to get Thompson onto a stretcher as he was in agony – we wish Mark a speedy recovery. The stoppage came 1 minute and 7 seconds into the 3rd round and now moves Skeete’s record to an impressive 21-1.


Photo credit Sophie Merlo

Ahmet Patterson secures an 8th round stoppage over durable Giorgi Ungladze as referee Bob Williams steps in to stop the contest. Patterson started off strong with a big right hand in the first round sending Ungladze to the canvas, he managed to beat the count and box on coming back with his own counter right hands and making it awkward for Patterson.  In the 8th round Patterson unloaded a flurry of right hands and the referee jumped in to stop the punishment with the Georgian way behind on the cards and taking a lot of punishment. Patterson’s record is now at an impressive 16-0.

Gary Corcoran

Photo credit Sophie Merlo

Gary Corcoran outpointed awkward opponent Rick Skelton to get a 97-94 points decision. In the first round the styles clashed as a southpaw and orthodox collided and ended up tying each other up in the centre of the ring. Corcoran bullied Skelton to the ropes and worked well to the body but Skelton tried to box him, which wasn’t working. Corcoran made the fight ugly and up close in typical style and saw out the win to hopefully fight for the English light middleweight title in the near future.

In the last 2 fights of the evening on the lengthy Wembley bill 18 year old Chingford boxer Boy Jones Jr secured a 40 – 36 points decision, comfortably winning every round and controlling the fight with his solid jab and great work to the body. Fellow Essex boxer Billy Long took his career record to 2-0 with an easy points win over Christian Hoskins Gomez winning every round in a 40 -36 points win.

By Brooke Streatfield 

Photo credit Sophie Merlo 

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