Questions And Answers With Nathan Gorman

The British Heavyweight Boxing scene is booming at present and the roster of fighters making a name for themselves is growing by the day. The same applies for Cheshire’s fast handed Nathan Gorman as I got the chance to speak to him recently and be given an insight into the twenty year old’s life, both in and out of the boxing ring!

A dedicated professional with a heart of gold, and currently training under the legendary British fighter Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton, it is fair to say that this young prospect will go very far as a professional fighter!

Ahead of his next fight, scheduled for June 15th at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, myself and Nathan had a quick chat and I got to know a bit more about Britain’s next best heavyweight!NATHAN ART

Q1. So Nathan, after 9 fights as a professional boxer you are now 9-0 with 7 knockout wins to your name. How are you enjoying life as a professional fighter to date?

Yes I am loving it to be fair and especially the knowledge I’m getting taught by Ricky! It’s second to none and I am just looking forward to some good title fights this year.

Q2. You picked up your first title as a professional boxer late last year when you stopped David Howe inside one round to become the Central Area Heavyweight Champion. What was it like being given a strap for the first time and was it something you felt proud of?

Winning my first title in front of my home crowd was unreal. It was a great night and of course only doing it inside a round but I would love to add more to the collection this year.

Q3. Your most recent bout came against the hard hitting Dominic Akinlade back in April. After ten good rounds of boxing you came away with a landslide points win. How important was this fight to you as a learning curve?

Beating Dominic has put me in good stead because he is a good fighter and doing the ten rounds now I know my engine is fine. So that puts me in good sight for the future.

Q4. It has been recently rumoured that you are currently negotiating a bout with fellow undefeated British Heavyweight Nick Webb, who is 11-0 with 9 knockout wins. Can you give the fans an update on the bout and how would you go in to a bout with Webb style wise?

Yeah it’s been made by the board, it’s a fight! I know I can win it will be a great fight if it happens.

Q5. You are currently based in Ricky Hatton’s Gym in the Hyde area of Manchester and are working under the watchful eye of the legendary British Welterweight ‘The Hitman’. What part does he play in your development as a young fighter?

Ricky plays the biggest role, he’s such a perfectionist and if you do something wrong he’ll have you there for half hour until you correct it and plus Ricky has been there and done it I think he’s a world class trainer.

Q6. You turn 21 in a few weeks time and are still very young for such a talented British boxer. Where would you want to be as a fighter just five years from now?

I am still only a baby in the sport and still developing. I see myself a world champion in 5 years time. Well, I want to be!

Q7. Sparring sessions are such a vital section of any boxer’s training camp and I imagine you have sparred a variety of top Heavyweight’s during your time as a professional so far. Who has been your toughest sparring partner up to this point?

I don’t know really! I’ve sparred a lot of decent people… I’ve done rounds with Anthony Joshua, David Price, Dave Allen and loads of other different guys.

Q8. Reigning WBA and IBF Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua has caught the eye of pretty much every modern day boxing fan since he stopped the legendary Wladimir Klitschko in the 11th round back in April. What is your opinion on ‘AJ’ and how far do you think he will go?

I think he’s very good and the public love him. It’s good to have a heavyweight champion from Britain and I’d imagine there will be more in the future and I also reckon he will beat Klitschko again if they fight.

Q9. Every professional boxer has one, but what is your primary goal as a professional boxer besides becoming a World Champion?

To be a champion in and out of the ring!

Q10. Many fighters have their own dream venue to headline a show at during their career. What is yours?

I would like to box in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas!

Q11. If you wasn’t a professional boxer, what would your chosen career be?

I really don’t know because boxing is the only thing I know! I’d imagine it would be something sport like.

Q12. One of your best features is your lightning hand speed. What is your secret behind this crucial feature of yours?

It’s something I’ve always had since starting boxing! It’s a thing I’ve just developed over the years of training.

Q13. WOULD YOU RATHER: Win the British Title outright in the next three years, or challenge for a World Title in the next three years?

I would love the British title but my main goal is to be the Number One in the World.

Q14. Growing up, who was your boxing idol and how did they influence you into getting interested in boxing?

My idols were Mike Tyson, Roy Jones and Ricky Hatton. I used to watch them for hours and now I am getting trained by one of my idols! My cousin got me into boxing, he just took my down to the gym as I was a troublesome kid and it went from there.

Q15. And the final question, if you had the chance to go back in time and face any Heavyweight fighter from any era, who would it be and why?

It would be Mike Tyson because he is my idol and I would love to know how great he was!


By Kailem Sims

Boxing Media UK

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