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Young Guns York Hall Bethnal Green 28/5/15

Tamuka Mucha secured the southern area welterweight championship with a 6th round stoppage over well-known boxer Erick Oohing on a packed and exciting bill of boxing from the York Hall in London. The former ABA champion remains unbeaten with an impressive record of 11-0 after his victory in tonight’s contest and looks set for bigger and better things with a gutsy and classy performance.

Mucha came out fast from the first bell, landing great left hook right hands and applying constant pressure throughout the opening round. Oohing started strong in the second round with sharp head movement and heavy counter right hands on the ropes to get himself on top in the fight. Mucha landed a huge right hand near the end of the round that wobbled Ochieng who looked unbalanced and in trouble, he lands a flurry of punches, well over 50 shots on Ochieng who managed to survive until the end of the round with movement and holding.

The fight was in the balance in the third round with Oohing working the right hook well and his continued movement made it hard to Mucha to land accurately. Mucha came out fast in the 4th round with both men toe to toe in the centre of the ring swinging big hooks and working the body.

In the 5th more pressure from Mucha caused Oohing to sit on the ropes and take a lot of shots, a big right hook rocked him but he managed to stay up on his feet, a left hook sparked another flurry of punches from Mucha and referee Bob Williams stepped in 2 minutes and 10 seconds into the 6th round as Ochieng was taking continuous punishment and looked unsteady on his feet.

The 22 year old Zimbabwean boxer has really put his name on the map in the packed welterweight division with his unbeaten record, come forward style and now the holder of the southern area title. Former British and English belt holder and fan favourite Erick Oohing has a record of 16 wins, 5 losses and 1 draw and will be sure to come back stronger with his exciting style and good management.


Another exciting fight on the bill was Ricky Boylan’s win over Oxford’s Daza Usher over 6 rounds. Boylan secured a 58-56 points victory in a thrilling fight that saw toe to toe action and excitement throughout with 2 knockdowns.

Boylan came out strong behind the jab in his first fight back since his defeat against Tommy Martin at the O2 in January where he lost out on the English Super Lightweight title. He used good head movement to stay out of range and picked the right hook perfectly caught Usher every time he threw it. Even under pressure Usher countered these shots well with heavy left hooks and digging shots to the body keeping the fight well in the balance. In the second round Usher came out stronger applying pressure from the outset, working the body well when Boylan was backed onto the ropes.

The third round saw a lot of work on the inside with clever right uppercuts from Boylan as Usher bulldozed his way in. The fight become a toe to toe slug fest with both men swinging and not taking a backwards step. A heavy left hook right hand from Boylan just before the bell sent Usher to the canvas with a gaping cut above his left eye, he made the count and was saved by the bell. In the 4th round Boylan came out looking for the stoppage, applying pressure and digging body shots to try and finish the Oxford man, Usher regained his composure as he landed a solid right hook and continued pressure making it hard for Boylan to get his shots off.

Usher was in control in the 5th round, landing uppercuts well on the inside when Boylan come in low, Usher landed a solid left hook on the temple of Boylan who dropped to canvas looking unbalanced and dazed. He managed to beat the count and returned with wobbly legs to the corner.

Usher looking for the finish this time started the last round with fast paced jabs and constant pressure, Boylan replied with a sharp left hook counter with the fight in the centre of the ring and both men working hard and throwing everything.

At the end of the round Boylan landed a heavy left hook twice to wobble Usher but both men managed to finish the fight on their feet to the appreciation of the York Hall crowd. The referee scored the fight 58 -56 points in favour of Boylan who is now back to winning ways and on the right path to win another title, leaving his January defeat well and truly behind him.


Craig Richards secured a first round victory in his professional debut against southpaw James Child in the first fight of the evening. Richards came out fast behind his jab, moving his head well and staying out of range. After a flurry of punches from Richards, Child’s eye was gushing with blood that was running straight into his eye clearly impairing his vision. The corner and the referee came to the decision to pull Childs out of the fight 49 seconds into the first round as he was unable to continue or see straight. Richards seems to be a good future prospect in the super welterweight division.


Unbeaten Hackney star Ohara Davies outclassed his opponent securing a second round stoppage win over Latvian journeyman Simas Volosinas. 

Davies come out strong on the front foot, he stayed calm and composed behind his jab and picked his shots well. His long, heavy left hook wobbled Volosinas that was unable to reply with anything to trouble the unbeaten prospect.

He stayed totally dominant throughout the fight and never looked in any trouble, picking his shots to perfection, working well to the body and out-boxing his opponent from start to finish,

In the second round a punishing right hand after a flurry of shots caused referee Bob Williams to step in and stop the contest 2 minutes and 34 seconds into the round as Volosinas was taking heavy punishment and throwing nothing back.

Davies is a very talented boxer but with a spiteful punch, he is sure to be a star for the future and a huge prospect in British boxing that will be holding up his own titles sometime in the near future.


Brixton cruiserweight Isaac Chamberlain took his record to 3-0 with a point’s victory over 4 rounds against Martyn Grainger from Lancashire. Grainger was on the front foot early on, throwing solid right hands and left hooks but Chamberlain dealt with these shots with ease, moving well and staying behind his stiff jab.

In the second round Grainger continued to apply pressure and was successful with the right hand, Chamberlain jabbed and moved to perfection and introduced his solid left hook that looked to wobble Grainger when it landed.

A big left hook caused Grainger’s nose to bleed heavily as he was getting caught on the way in by Chamberlain’s accurate counter punching. The third round saw the Brixton man work well to the body and his hard, sharp shots seemed to be slowing his opponent down, the fourth round saw more of the same pressure for Grainger and Chamberlain sticking to his heavy hook combination punching and quick footwork to stay out of range and untroubled.

The referee scored the contest 40 pts – 37 pts in favour of Chamberlain who looks to be a star of the future in the cruiserweight division. The young boxer even spent a month in Alabama sparring the brilliant Deontay Wilder before he won his world title. This proves that the young star is already being noticed in the UK and overseas and looks promising to be the next cruiserweight champion of the world.


Ben Hall took his career record to an unbeaten 6-0 with a 4th round stoppage over Lewis Van Poetsch. Hall come forward from the first bell staying behind a sharp jab and reading the fight well, moving and staying out of range. Hall landed a heavy right hook that dropped Poetsch in the first round, he made the count and managed to survive the round but it was clear that Hall was on top and in control of the fight.

In the second round Hall started working the body well and his big right hands knocked Poetsch back every time to which he had no reply. Hall looked a class above his opponent with his heavy accurate shots.

Hall stayed calm and composed and in the third round a right body shot sent Poetsch to the canvas again breathing heavy and looking hurt. He again made the count but was constantly weary of Hall’s power and was moving backwards with a high guard to try and stay away but Hall just applied the pressure and stayed on top of him looking for the stoppage. In the fourth round Hall’s jab was strong and sharp and a digging left body shot dropped Poetsch for a third time with no answer to what Hall had to give. Poetsch made the count but the referee called a stop to the contest with him taking too much punishment and returning nothing, the stoppage came 2 minutes and 44 seconds into the 4th round that see’s Hall remain unbeaten.

Ben Hall comes from a boxing family originating in East London and is one to watch for the future with his classy boxing and hurtful boxing style.


Successful amateur and young prospect Charlie Edwards made easy work of his opponent Brett Fidoe winning all 6 round to take his record to 3-0. Edwards used his trademark pace and speed to keep Fidoe at length in the first round. A big right hand kept Edwards in total control to end a punch perfect opening round.

Fidoe landed the counter left well in the second round as Edwards shots became heavier and looked to be hurting his opponent. Edwards started taking his heavy shots to the left side of the body and his slick movement after kept him out of any trouble.

In the 4th round Fidoe worked well to the body but Edwards replied with a stiff jab and continuous combination punching and accurate work to the body to keep himself on top in the fight and was untroubled. Into the 5th and 6th round Edwards used a sharp right hook well, Fidoe tried to apply pressure and rough him up but Edwards moved perfectly and picked his shots, staying composed and accurate throughout.

In the last round Edwards was well and truly in control, jabbing and moving well and looked classy as he held the centre with his accurate and sharp shots. Despite a gutsy, come forward performance from Brett Fidoe, Edwards looked a class above with his accuracy and movement winning all 6 rounds with a point’s decision of 60 pts – 54 pts.

Edwards, a former successful amateur turned over to the professional ranks after his loss at the Commonwealth games in Glasgow in summer 2014. He aims to take the professional ranks by storm showing his class and ability and already making a name for himself in the Matchroom stable.


Fan favourite Mickey O’Rourke secured a second round stoppage against Hereford’s Dean Evans with a spiteful right hook that ended the fight.

O’Rourke came out fast behind a stiff jab and applied pressure from the first bell looking classy and in control of the fight.

O’Rourke’s punch accuracy was very impressive and his ability to read the fight see him out of trouble and in control. In the second round Evans took a lot of punishment with O’Rourke’s digging body work and heavy hooks to finish. 2 minutes and 57 seconds into the 2nd round O’Rourke landed a huge right hook that sent Evans crashing to the canvas, he made the count but was stopped by the referee as he was taking too much punishment in the opening rounds.

O’Rourke who trains with well-known trainer Johnny Eames always has a huge following wherever he boxes and is set for a big future in the sport.


Former 2 time amateur champion Reece Bellotti from South Oxhey secured the first win of his professional career with an impressive first round stoppage against journeyman Joe Beedon.

Reece was out fast behind the jab, using good head movement to be in control of the fight. A huge, spiteful left body shot sent Beedon to the canvas rolling and shouting in pain. The referee counted but Beedon failed to make the count and looked in absolute agony still on the canvas.

his was a very impressive start to his career with a first round stoppage after 50 seconds and sends a message out in his division that he is about to make waves. Trained by Jim McDonnell this young man looks to be a star of the future for Matchroom and British boxing.

This packed bill from the York Hall that was streamed live on Matchroom fight pass was a successful one that see Mucha win the southern area title against the favourite and a couple of bright young stars on show such as Isaac Chamberlain and Reece Bellotti. The future of British boxing is a very exciting one as proved in the famous York Hall ring last night.

By Brooke Streatfield 


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