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Frank Warren provided a great night of boxing at London’s York Hall Friday night with 3 title fights on the bill. Tom Baker won the vacant super middleweight southern area title, Miles Shinkwin won the southern area title at light heavyweight and Ovil McKenzie retained his British and commonwealth titles against Matty Askin.

Nick Webb kicked started his professional career with a 56 second knockout win against Hirvoje Kisicek on his debut. Webb, from Woking started straight away with heavy hooks and his come forward style of fighting had Kisicek running from the first bell. Webb’s power was very impressive and a right hand from Webb started a flurry of shots and referee Bob Williams stepped in with his opponent in no position to continue. Former successful amateur with 27 wins and 5 losses vows to make an impact in the professional ranks saying he is ready to make his mark on the sport.

23-Year-old Louis Adolphe took his career record to 3-0 with a 40- 35 points win against Danny Little in the second fight of the evening. Adolphe started with his sharp jab keeping Little at length and picking his shots well. In the second round he continued to move well with Little unable to return anything to trouble the former ABA champion. Adolphe’s speed and power dominated the fight and in the last round a great right hand knocked Little to the canvas, he managed to beat the count but Adolphe was back to work, in control, at ease and working his heavy shots to the body to finish the fight strong.  Former Earlsfield ABC boxer Adolphe is slowly making his impact in the professional ranks with a record of 3-0 with 1 KO and under the watchful eye of Jim McDonnell he is fine tuning his craft that will hopefully lead him on his way to professional success.

Unbeaten 19 year old Romeo Romaeo came through his first fight at Light Welterweight with a 5th round TKO against the durable Michael Mooney. Cardiff born Romaeo started the fight fast, coming forward well but Mooney used a good left hook counter to catch him on the way in. In the 2nd round Romaeo stayed behind his jab, Mooney covered up well but Romaeo was confusing his opponent with his constant change in stances. In the 3rd round the Cardiff boxer used fast hand combinations to get the better of Mooney with his best shots coming on the ropes. In the 4th round Mooney was coming forward more, making Romaeo work more but he just kept the pressure up and outworked Mooney. In the 5th round a right hand started a flurry of shots from Romaeo who was moving and landing well when referee Bob Williams stepped in with Mooney taking too much punishment. The win come 1 minute 57 seconds into the 5th round with the 3rd KO of his 7-0 career.

Another unbeaten prospect Ryan Burnett from Belfast Northern Ireland cruised his way to a point’s victory winning every round against Faycal Messaoudene from Paris. The bantamweight prospect started strong, staying behind his jab well and used slick head movement to stay out of range. Faycal was trying to work the counter but Burnett’s head movement was too quick and he missed every time. In the 2ndround Burnett was fainting well and moving off after his work to make Faycal look clumsy and his class began to shine through. In the 3rd Burnett looked comfortable with the left hook right hand combo being punch perfect on the night with Faycal unable to reply. Burnett dominated the later rounds with heavy shots to the head and body on the ropes, Faycal was like a standing target and the Belfast boxer was in control from the first bell to the last winning all 6 rounds on a 60pts – 54pts decision. Ryan Burnett’s career record now stands at an impressive 8 wins with 6 knockouts to his name and an exciting young prospect under the watchful eye of trainer Adam Booth.

The night of the undefeated fighters from the Frank Warren stable continued with 24 year old Gary Corcoran taking his record to 11-0 in his professional career beating Adam Jones over 8 rounds. Corcoran edged out Jones over the 8 rounds with sheer weight of work throwing near to 100 shots every round. His come forward approach made it hard for Jones to get his work off. Corcoran stayed low getting under Jones’ jab staying tight and working the left hook well. Jones landed well on the counter through the 2nd and 3rd rounds but the pressure from Corcoran was too much and edged him out on a 78pts – 76pts on the scorecards. Corcoran didn’t take a backwards step throughout the fight with his trademark style and work rate winning him the fight. Corcoran’s amateur career saw him win the Golden Gloves twice and the Harringay box cup showing that he is taking his brawler come forward style into the professional ranks where he is an exciting, edgy fighter and a crowd pleaser who hopes to soon box for titles at British and Commonwealth level.

Mitchell Smith brought the excitement and class to the York Hall last night with a devastating 3rd round knockout against Croatian Antonio Horvatic. Smith’s explosive hooks come 38 seconds into the 3rd round with it surely being a contender for knockout of the year. Smith started the fight well staying composed and picking his shots, working the body well and nearer the end of the 1st round doubled up the left hook with good effect.

The left body shot was very effective in the 2nd round as Mitchell showed great technique along with power and pace to impress his army of fans at the York Hall.  38 seconds into the 3rd round Mitchell come forward with a right hook followed by a flurry of fast, sharp hooks to send Horvatic to the canvas in brutal fashion, Bob Williams called off the fight with no hesitation to bring Smith’s record to 11-0 with 5 knockouts to his name. This performance from Mitchell Smith showed how he is maturing well as a boxer, he has many great attributes including pace and power behind his shots. His classy style of boxing is great to watch and proves that this young prospect will go on to achieve great things in the sport.

Middleweight prospect Lloyd Ellett won on a 78-75pts win over 8 rounds against the awkward Raimonds Sneidze from Latvia.  The Brighton boxer who regularly spars Chris Eubank Jr has an impressive 17-0 record to his name who will now climb the ranks and achieve great things in his career.  Ellett started the fight with a great jab and good head movement to stay out of Sneidze’s long reach. In the 2nd round Sneidze come forward more, looking for the knockout but Ellett moved well and come back with his own counter right hands to stay on top. In the later rounds Sneidze was rushing his work on the way and in and getting caught with a sharp left hook from Ellett. Ellett stayed tight through the 6th and 7th hanging out a strong jab and keeping away from Sneidze. In the last round Ellett went back to his movement, jabbed well but got caught with a right hand that his corner were not happy about. Ellett won on a 78-75 points decision over the 8 rounds and the popular light middleweight will surely go on to achieve big things.

Miles Shinkwin was completely in control for 6 rounds against Richard Horton after a brutal left hook to the body sent the 33 year old (Horton) to the canvas and failed to make the count.

Shinkwin started the fight well with a great jab and working the right body shot from the off. Shinkwin stayed composed and picked his shots well, stayed low and wasn’t troubled by Horton. In the 3rd round Shinkwin unleashed a flurry of uppercuts and body shots on the ropes that looked to hurt Horton at the end of the round.  The southern area light heavyweight champion from Watford (Shinkwin) looked impressive as he stayed in control and showed great power. In the 6th round his devastating power showed when he landed a brutal left body shot making Horton drop to the canvas in pain and fail to make the count. The knockdown come 2minutes and 48 seconds into the 6th round with Shinkwin retaining his Southern area light heavyweight belt.

Ovil ‘The Upsetter’ McKenzie overcome a tough start to clinch a majority decision over Blackpool’s Matty Askin to retain his British and Commonwealth belts on Friday night at London’s famous York Hall.

The judges’ scorecards seemed a world apart with one judge in favour of Matty Askin (113-114) and 2 of the judges in favour of McKenzie (116-109 + 115-111) that over hauled the decision meaning McKenzie has now won 3 straight contests at British and Commonwealth level.

The opening was cagey with both boxers cautious of each other’s power. Askin started using sharp shots over the first few rounds with McKenzie getting his shots off on the ropes. From the start it was clear that McKenzie was going for the knockout and a one punch finish while Askin boxed on the back foot. Through the 5th and 6th round Askin was using the left hook well but was holding straight after to avoid the power of McKenzie, this lead to Askin having 2 points deducted in the 7th and 8th round for continuous holding, this paved the way for a McKenzie comeback. A right hand in the 10th round managed to rock Askin in a trade of shots, Askin survived but Ovil was well on top in the later rounds. The last round saw both men going for the big shot, working well and using every shot they had, a right hand from McKenzie has Askin in trouble with 1 minute to go but they slugged it out and both fighters finished on their feet to a thunderous applause from the York Hall crowd.

This late surge in McKenzie’s career sees him on a 3 fight winning spree and maybe a title hope in the future?

McKenzie’s record now reads 24 wins with 12 losses to his name but Matty Askin made it clear that he would love the rematch in the future.

Tom Baker showed his class and power over 10 rounds in a high paced fight against the former unlicensed British champion Kevin Greenwood to win the vacant Southern area super middleweight title.

Baker used his strong jab in the opening rounds to outclass Greenwood who worked the body but nothing to trouble Baker. Greenwood was very gutsy in his come forward approach despite Bakers heavy precise shots. In the 4th round Baker was working the left hook right hand well and he started to look stronger with his powerful shots looking to hurt Greenwood. In the 6th round the fight went toe to toe with both men working well to the head and body. In the later rounds Baker worked the left hook perfectly, great toe to toe exchanges had the York Hall crowd on their feet and despite Baker throwing everything he had, Greenwood continued to come forward. In the last round Baker was on top jabbing well and throwing every shot he had, he is an exciting fighter with a bright future ahead of him with his record now 11-0. 22 year old Baker from Chingford under the watchful eye of Mark Tibbs has perfected his jab and come through some tough fights in the beginning of his career to maintain his unbeaten record that hopefully sees him catapult into further honours in the professional ranks.

The last fight of the night saw Kirk Garvey beat Krzyzstof Golec over a 4 round point’s decision. Garvey used his trademark jab with his identifiable stance to outwork and outclass his opponent.

The action packed bill at London’s York Hall saw a great young stable of unbeaten fighters from Frank Warren who in the next year should become the hot talking point of British boxing.

Article By Brooke Streatfield

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