Tartan Terror Taylor Destroys Davies

Tartan Terror Taylor Destroys Davies

Meanwhile North of the border at Glasgows Braehead Arena, Cyclone Promotions presented a show that was headlined by a fight that had really caught the publics imaginations. Ohara Davies with a 15-0 record would meet Josh Taylor 9-0 in a real 50/50 fight with the Commonwealth and WBC silver super lightweight title at stake.Saying there has been bad blood between the two fighters would be an understatement ,as they clashed at the weigh in, with Davis more then happy to adopt the role of pantomime villain. Davies was predictably given a hostile reception as he played to Taylor’s fans, even coming to the ring to to theme tune of WWE superstar the Undertaker all part of Davis’s plan to get under the skin of amateur standout Taylor. The man from Edinburgh looked completely unfazed as he confidently entered the ring to loud cheers. The atmosphere was crackling as round 1 got underway with Davies adopting an almost Phily shell like stance while Taylor began to work behind a highly educated left jab , mastered during a standout amateur career which included an appearance at the London Olympics. Following a feeling out first round, both fighters got to work in the second with Davies having early success in the early part of the round with Taylor finding the target for some big hooks to the body. Round 3 ,the action really began to pick up with Taylor sinking in some wicked body blows which clearly began to bother his opponent. Davies began to look wide open after missing a number of wide hooks, bizarrely though it was a jab that landed on the chin that sent Davies down for the mandatory 8 count. Josh Taylor was clearly enjoying himself in there has he easily countered Davies wide hooks with sharp more accurate hooks of his own. Davies was looking very unsteady indeed by round 5 ,a clear low blow was missed by Howard Foster which reminded Taylor not to become too overconfident with the showboating. Most people had picked Ohara Davies to have his own way on the inside but it was in fact Josh Taylor who dominated at close quarters switching his hooks to head and to body on both sides of Davies’s Frame. In almost a last act of desperation Davies launched at Taylor with a haymaker of a Punch only to be met with a simply superb right hook counter shot. As the action resumed a two fisted assault from Taylor resulted in Davies turning his back leaving referee Howard Foster no choice but to stop the contest awarding the 7th round TKO victory to Josh Taylor. Davies must now go back to the drawing board but has the talent to return from this loss.Taylor meanwhile has only one name on his radar, that of multiple time World champion and fellow scot Ricky burns. Talks of Hampden Park hosting such a huge fight for Scottish boxing have been mentioned. What an occasion that would be


Cyclone events pride themselves on offering testing fights early on for their prospects and are very much concerned with offering entertainment and value for money for fight fans. As was the case when Edinburghs 9-0 super lightweight Jason Easton faced Belgiums Vastly more experienced Steve Jamoye. The Vacant IBO inter continental title was up for grabs.The fight couldn’t have started any better as both men began to take big shots. Jamoyes relentless style was more then matched by Easton although the Scotsmen’s sloppy defence probably gave the round to the Belgian. The exceptional pace showed no signs of relenting as Easton landed a nice left hook which failed to halt the march of Jamoye. A cut had opened by Eastons eye but he held it together impressively to land with eye catching hooks.It was becoming a case of Jamoyes volume against Eastons more impressive shot selection.Round 4 saw Easton finally make a breakthrough as combination punching had Jamoye looking distressed.Unbelievably in what was becoming an excellent fight Jamoye shrugged it off and recovered almost immediately.It was when Easton switched his attack to the body that Jamoye finally began to slow and shots to the torso set up headshots that had the Belgian back peddling.  A lot of Fighters would have withered under this assault but it is testament to Jamoyes strength and conditioning that he had his best round in the 7th. Jamoye even laughed at he end of the session but it was short lived as he finally began to feel the pace. Easton using his superior skill set to edge in front. Jamoye was certainly not the same fighter on the back front as he was clearly troubled, he retreated against Easton who was sensing the end. Fighters as tough as Jamoye could possibly take shots to the head all day long so sensibly Easton targeted the body and was finally rewarded when a left hook staggered Jamoye who was helpless as Easton went for the finish. Referee Michael Alexander was spot on when he stopped the fight at 2-59 of round 9, Easton would have learnt tons from this contest and plenty of credit must go to both men for participating in such a thrilling contest

I was very impressed when watching Chantelle Cameron debut from ringside in Cardiff back in May. The darling of Barry Mcguigans Stable looked ruthless yet again after handing out a one sided beatdown of Polands Bojana Libisweska. Cameron showed her tremendous power and come forward style, staggering her polish opponent badly in round 1.The Lady from Northampton was superior in every department constantly hurting Libiszewka with both hands. Cameron may have been too keen to finish matters but her aggressiveness adds to her appeal.It wasn’t until Round 4 That Referee Kevin Mcintyre saved the thoroughly beaten pole as she shipped a devastating right from Cameron. Expect to see Chantelle Cameron fast tracked to title contention with full backing from Barry Mcguigan and Cyclone promotions.

Report by Michael Ward

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