Bob Arum’s New Statement about the Upcoming Fights of Tyson Fury in 2022

The primary promoter of Tyson Fury said that in 2022 an athlete could enter the ring three times. According to Bob Arum, the first could be a mandatory fight against Dillian Wheat in defense.
The whole boxer team watched the fights of Anthony Joshua with great interest and wanted to fight with him. However, after the recent defeat from the Ukrainian Alexander Usik, Joshua is actively preparing for revenge. As Arum himself stated, Fury and Joshua’s Clash is what all boxing fans from the British Isles would like. But this cannot happen due to the preparation of a rematch in the first quarter of 2022.
With no preferred fight against Joshua possible, Fury will face interim WBC champion White. However, the news was also met with great excitement, which did not spread to the United States. In America, White is unknown to most boxing fans, so you shouldn’t expect much success in this sector. Nevertheless, the confrontation is exciting and should be watched.

Source: Boxing News 24