Why should you bet on heavyweight boxers?

Now the heavy weight is again interesting to watch. How Alexander Usik burst in, a trilogy between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder, a real scattering of hungry and most importantly young avenues. Betting on them is again on top, so do not waste an opportunity to bet. This seems to be the perfect time to lay down the best heavyweights of all time, although it is difficult in terms of comparing the best from different eras.

Muhammad Ali

There could be no intrigue regarding the first place. The best heavyweight boxer of all time is on the first line of our rating. Talking about his best fights and how the Greatest made a legacy is one of the most haunted topics in the history of world sports. Yes, Ali was not a one-hit punch boxer, but he didn’t need it, he took so skillfully with a tonnage of punches that the greatest knockers, not only of his era, but in general in the history of heavy weight, could not cope with him. His fights are legendary, if you want to have a better understanding of betting on boxing you must see all of them. I will also help with your own bets.

Joe Louis

The main boxer in history before Ali’s arrival and an absolute reference heavyweight. He reigned on the throne the longest – 11 years, 8 months and 7 days, during this time he spent 26 successful title defenses, four times the best fighter of the year (only Mohammed has more). The Ring magazine ranked Louis as the number one Greatest Puncher in History in 2003. Only these dry numbers should convince absolutely everyone that the second place is reinforced concrete behind him. Was immensely popular among those who bet.

Mike Tyson

Tyson did not possess something incredible in terms of technique, he was not as strong as it might seem at first glance, he was not a super technician and he was much better in footwork. Cas D’Amato taught him the main thing for
heavyweight boxers: to repeat the same thing every day until it is performed perfectly.
Life itself taught Mike how to defeat opponents before entering the ring. It is unlikely that Tyson would have defeated Louis and Ali at their peak at any time in his career, but one thing is for sure – in terms of the degree of influence not only on sports, but also his importance as a person, Tyson is second only to the Greatest boxer.

Joe Fraser

Fraser was one of the most balanced heavyweight boxers in history. He did not have any big recessions, a very smooth career. I always kept the bar high and level. With the seeming monotony of his manner, he made hell in the ring for everyone, except, perhaps, Foreman, who just knew how to box with him. Yes, he could not fight like Ali, but it was he who became the first and only boxer who beat him at the peak. And Joe is the one who participated in the best fight in the history of boxing. Betting on him was almost always winning.