Why should you bet on these boxers?

It is not known when boxing had such a short and bleak year. If ever there was. Functionaries and boxers honestly tried to make up for lost time from the second half of 2020, but, in all honesty, this was not enough. Due to the pandemic, all boxers from the top 10 fought in total.
It is worth repeating: below is not a pound for 2020 alone. This is just a summary – taking into account past achievements (but not in the first place). Most of the athletes on this list will continue to compete in future seasons so don’t miss your chance to bet on them.

Saul Alvarez
The Mexican boxer star who loves lattes, horses – real and iron-composite, as well as freedom of action without a fixer-promoter behind his back, opened the 2021 season in the same place as a year ago. World Boxing Leader.
You can argue as much as you like who deserves the closest place to the Sun – Canelo or Crawford, but the first this season took two titles in a new weight for himself, declassing the winner of the Super Series, and the second beat an obvious underdog in his home division. An opportunity to make a winning bet on boxing.

Terence Crawford
Consistency is a hallmark of class. The only pound boxer who, despite the powerful perturbations in the top 10, did not give up his last year’s place to anyone. However, he did not improve, which is not good. Having got himself a new toy in the person of Teofimo, the head of Top Rank, Bob Arum, stopped being shy and poured a tub of reality on Terence. Come on, he says, go chat in the media and promote yourself, otherwise you want a lot of money. Photos with my wife and fishing do not excite anyone and do not collect dough.
The talks about the megafight with Spence, like two, and a year ago remain talk. Terence will have to decide something this season: the rest of the elite – on other channels and other promoters. Of the Kell Brooks in the top 3, it is unlikely that you can be able to hold out.

Teofimo Lopez
A classic case: a young boxer who seems to be not a miss, but seems to be too early to roll a barrel on the seemingly strongest in his weight. Check out the pre-match polls, where Lomachenko’s infernal advantage is. Few believed in Lopez. But what restraint he showed in the ring with the favorite!
He is only 23 years old, and there are a lot of options to continue his boxing career ahead.

Is it worth betting on boxing and boxers?

It is a little more difficult to place bets on boxing than on other sports: the chance of winning them is lower. Therefore, before betting, you must carefully study both boxers to understand how likely it is that your favorite will win. But if you spend time on this, and the bet comes in, then the winnings will be greater.