Why should you bet on boxing?

Boxing bets have always added extraordinary interest to this sport. We can say that boxing and betting went toe-to-toe and were an integral part of each other. Box betting affects the boxers themselves to a certain extent. This is noticeable when half of the crowded hall supports the favorite, and the other half supports the underdog. As a result, this creates an atmosphere of hatred between boxers and fans, which only adds excitement to the fight. Now, let’s go to our list of the best box fighters.

Alexander Usyk
Usyk cannot yet repeat the grandiose successes of 2018. The problem is not even that competing with the big guys in the heavyweight division is difficult even for the undisputed leader of the cruiserweight. Just because of constant injuries, postponement of battles and other things, which are difficult, if not impossible to influence, he has a “stalled” schedule. One fight in 2019 and one in 2020.
As for many in the pound, Alexander will find out everything for himself at this stage of his career in 2021. Since he has no desire to exchange himself for projectiles, let’s see how dreams and realities fit together.

Vasiliy Lomachenko
After Krolla and Campbell in 2019, the fighter from Ukraine sank: he lost his place as a shaky leader in the rating, since both guys could not be ranked among the top. In 2020, the situation worsened: the competitors rose, and Lomachenko suffered his first defeat since the spring of 2014, ten times offensive because it was a chance to become the absolute champion, as well as because of the opponent’s behavior.
The second half of the box fight with Teofimo Lopez showed: Ackerman’s talent is powerful! But the way the first was carried out dashed hopes for a positive result. Since a rematch of the fight is not available, maybe it still makes sense to go back to £ 130, where size won’t get in the way when facing top opponents?

For Vasily, the beginning of the boxing

season is do or diе, all or nothing. There is a lot to prove, which only adds excitement for betting. Well, we are waiting!

Tyson Fury
Another pound debut after Lopez, Fury still won his breakthrough fight much more convincingly – he declared the longtime WBC champion Wilder for real, and not as Teofimo says he did with Lomachenko. He did not have any declaration with Vasily. And Fury and Wilder have the most natural one. And even with an early finish. No, part of the people foresaw such an outcome of a fight, but they were in a strong minority.
Ungainly, twitchy, rarely entertaining in the ring for anyone, Tyson will either immortalize himself this year or quickly fly out of the top 10. The intrigue with Joshua is going to be serious. Good betting opportunity of you like intrigue.

Pay attention to this

During the game, you should pay attention to where the box fight takes place. If for one of the boxers this is a home fight, then with an equal fight scenario, the so-called home judges can give the victory to their fellow countryman. This can also influence a betting process.