Why it is profitable to bet on boxing?

Boxing fights is great for betting. On the eve of the match, you can make profitable bets, using the forecast or drawing conclusions based on analytics yourself. It is believed that the interest in betting on boxing is the unpredictability of the meeting. But this is a fairly relative judgment. If you work on the principle of “betting only on those fighters about whom I know everything”, then victories will not be long in coming, and the result in the match can be well predicted.

It is important to remember the main principle of all bets – no commitment, just one cold calculation. That is, a player should not support a team or, in this case, a fighter. He should not bet on a fighter just to win. Better just has to calculate the options and see the chances. Analyzing famous fights will help you become better at gambling on boxing.

Vitali Klitschko vs Corrie Sanders

Perhaps the brightest chapter of revenge for his brother from Klitschko. On March 8, 2003, Vladimir fell for the predictable tactics of his opponent – Sanders’ spurt in the opening rounds, which turned him over and the attitude towards him as a boxer. A year later, Vitaly went to avenge the youngest.
Before the fight, Corrie said that he hated to fight in the ring, but seeks to hit so as to quickly get out of there. The first rounds of a fight for Klitschko Sr. turned out to be difficult, but the further, the more actively the Ukrainian got into, and the South African took. By the eighth round, Corrie’s face was painful to look at.

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

Only those who never watched boxing at all did not expect this fight. Showdown of huge boxers with a diametrically opposite style and the danger of falling under Wilder’s king-gun.
If the rematch was dominated by Fury, who erased the opponent as if it had never happened, then the first fight is beautiful, and Tyson’s two knockdowns, Deontay’s gestures after hits and cinematic picks after missed ones can be reviewed regularly. Never gets bored.

Naoya Inoue vs Nonito Donaire

2019 seemed to be saying goodbye to fans of cool fights before an almost year-long hiatus due to the pandemic. Unexpectedly, the best fight of the year happened in the bantamweight division. While everyone was wondering how quickly Inue sent the Filipino veteran into retirement, Donaire survived the starting hits, realized that he was not afraid and began to respond.
The guys beat each other with armor-piercing shells. At times it seemed that Nonito was about to lose ahead of schedule, but he switched on again and continued to fire at the favorite.

Last advice

When betting, it is important to pay attention to the commercial attractiveness of the athlete. Boxing is big business and show. Promoters often lead their promising fighters to eminent, but already weak rivals. As a result, the prospect wins and becomes more attractive to the audience.